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Masonry and Roofing in the greater Texas area

      Concrete pavers are a versatile, attractive addition to any outdoor residential project. Their ease of installation makes for simple, efficient and timely home set-up with the ability to use the space immediately. To reap the full benefits of your hardscaping for years to come, it’s essential to select and use proper paver foundation materials.
A paver base encompasses several different material layers with varied support functions. The support system under pavers consists of three levels:
Subgrade: The deepest level, composed of the compacted soil beneath the installation site
Subbase: The middle support layer applied on top of the subgrade soil
Base: The topmost material pavers are installed into
When selecting a base, you’re choosing the materials that will anchor your pavers. Each material exhibits properties that either helps or hinders your paver arrangement. For long-lasting, resilient pavers, consider the different types of paver bases to make the best decision for your budget and project.